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Squared-off sections
Despite its heterogeneity, maritime pine can be sold today in squared-off sections perfectly trimmed thanks to the high technology used in the sawmill industry.
BIG LATH Section less than 40 x 50 mm.
SMALL LATH Fine thickness (15, 18, 22 mm)
Width = at least 4 times the thickness.
FRIEZE Average thickness (27 mm)
Width = 2 to 4 times the thickness.
PLANK Ratio of sides comprised between two and three usual sections 50 x 150 mm, 63 x 160 to 180 mm.
JOIST Thickness 32 to 38 mm
Width = 150 to 200 mm.
BOARD Ratio of sides comprised between two and three sections of 75 x 200 mm to 100 x 225 mm.
BLOCK minimum Ratio of sides comprised between 2 and 3 usual sections of 75 x 200 mm to 100 x 225 mm.
TILE Square or rectangular section
Sides of 15 to 50 mm.
ANGLE Square section
Side 40 to 125 mm.
BEAM Square section
Sides of more than 120 mm.
PIN Tray obtained from the parallel sawing of a log.

Preferential dimensions
An order for sawn wood should list, above all, the required dimensions (in terms of section and length) along with the desired moisture rate.
Two types of maritime pine products are generally available :
- standardized products, whose dimensions correspond to the sawn wood products most frequently requested on the market (see table below) ;
- customized list products, whose dimensions fulfil the specific requirements of the customer.
Classification by appearance
Maritime pine sawn wood is usually classified according to its appearance.
Classification of sawn wood by appearance is based on visual criteria relative to the appearance of the sides (exposed or concealed) and the edges according to the nature, importance and location of individual characteristics, imperfections or wood alterations.
One of the criteria is knots, which are the base of branches incorporated in the tree mass. However knots can sometimes be sought after for their aesthetic value in ornamental applications.
Classification standards by appearance have been defined for the main French resinous species, among which we can find maritime pine, specifiying the criteria to take into consideration for each of the options.