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Cleereman Industries, ( announces the
introduction of their new Lumber-Pro thin kerf bandmill package. The new system features a stationary
Cleereman Proportional Carriage for log positioning, a specially designed track with a moving bandsaw
cutting head that offbears lumber and cants onto a continuous belt, a pre-wired cab for easy setup, and
a single hydraulic power unit for better efficiency. Fran Cleereman, President of Cleereman Industries,
points out some of the advantages of the new mill; By moving the cutting head, not the log and
carriage, the horsepower of the drive unit can be greatly reduced to dramatically lower energy costs.
He goes on to say, Since the log remains stationary, the track frame length is cut almost in half,
reducing both the cost of the system and the amount of floorspace required.
The bandsaw head is made exclusively for Cleereman by McDonough Manufacturing, and features 48
ductile wheels. It can be equipped with a variety of blades from an 8 wide double-cut, down to 2
wide, depending on customer preference. The wider bandsaws provide the highest performance in
accuracy and production. They cut with less kerf than some narrow-band blades, and have the lowest
blade cost per board foot. The double column frame cutting head with air strain and cartridge-type
pressure guides is mounted at a 17° angle.
The rolling bandsaw travels on a specialty designed track fame that incorporates a waste conveyor, a
lumber offbearing belt and the carriage drive. Other features of the track frame are adjustable legs,
Cleereman track adjusters, removable waste panning and a hydraulic cable tensioner. The all-inclusive
track frame bolts to the carriage frame to establish proper tolerances and elevation relationships
making installation very simple and less time consuming than a traditional mill.