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■ Producers have generally raised prices twice this year.
■ More price rises are planned.
■ Producerscosts have risen substantially.
■ Lower output and the exchange rate are discouraging European exports to the UK.
■ Energy generatorssubsidies for wood fibre continue to be a concern.
Their products may have become easier to sell but chipboard manufacturers have joined other members of the panels sector in insisting that their profitability is still under pressure. In effect, the beneficial impact of producersprice increases has been wiped out by the ongoing surge in their costs.
One chipboard producer has followed up a 5% price hike in January with a further round of increases at the beginning of May. This will be a minimum of 6% and up to 10% on some products, said a spokesperson. Another producer introduced an average price increase of around 5% in the first quarter and had negotiated upward moves of between 8-10% for early May.
These price adjustments are replicated elsewhere: one chipboard producer contacted this week explained that his company had raised prices by around 10% over two separate pricing rounds during the first four to five months of the year; and another said its prices were now between 8-12% above their levels of October last year.
Further rises
All these contacts were quick to add that these second-quarter price jumps are certain not to be the last seen in 2010. One said that the next increase would be implemented by the beginning of the autumn at the latest while another said we will be looking again for an increase by the autumn. He added: We are aiming at increases every three months - and we are telling our customers to prepare themselves for these.
Another producer echoed the view that consumers should be prepared for higher chipboard prices. His own company is currently planning to introduce its third increase of 2010 before the fourth quarter, and he warned: There will perhaps even be another one again before the end of the year.