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Greenheart log prices for only standard sawmill quality shifted moderately, while Purpleheart log prices for standard sawmill quality and fair sawmill quality remain relatively stable. Mora log prices moved up over the past two weeks recording higher average prices for all grades (standard, fair and small).

Sawnwood prices for undressed (rough sawn) Greenheart (select) have not changed but prices for merchantable grade fell. On the other hand undressed (rough sawn) Mora select increased to the range of US$ 500/592. Dressed Greenheart prices fell while dressed Purpleheart prices moved up to between US$ 813/900 in comparison to the previous period. Baromalli BB/CC plywood prices recorded higher average prices for the period under review.

Demand trends
Roundwood exports contributed to export earnings and prices were steady. Splitwood exports contributed favourably to earning with higher average prices as against prices in the previous period. For value added products the contribution of doors and indoor were favorable having achieved higher average prices as compared to prices in October Outdoor garden furniture is also making a significant contribution to export earning as is trade in window frames and non timber forest products.