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Over the past weeks there have been a few price changes for both logs and lumber but these are minor adjustments that have not had a significant impact on the overall stability of the market.
Sawnwood prices do seem to be a little less firm as demand in all major markets is still relatively sluggish and producers believe that demand volumes will remain low through the European winter months.
Log prices are stable with few changes. Okoume logs are still in high demand and this is expected to continue. Padouk logs are selling well to India and China and prices have increased from a very firm base.

Exporter view
Exporters forecast a steady state in the log market as demand from Asian markets is good and shows no immediate signs of change during the remainder of the last quarter of the year.
The outlook for sawnwood is less well defined. It does not appear at all likely that West African sawmillers will be re-opening sawmills or re-starting construction of mills that are now on hold.

Prospects in Europe
Future prospects for W. African exporters hinge very much on the European economic situation where the recent, rather more optimistic, views of the state of the recovery are appearing to be rather optimistic. The UK, especially, is set for some hard times in 2010.
Building and civil engineering construction in Europe show no signs of revival and while the D.I.Y retailing sector has reported an increase in business, pricing discounts are now very common and the hardwood timber business is only a very minor part of this trade.