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"The next edition will celebrate the recovery of the industry after a long period of serious crisis", is the satisfied declaration by Paolo Zanibon, Xylexpo general secretary, commenting upon the next biennial international exhibition of machinery, supplies and components for the wood and furniture industry.

"The trend of exhibitor registrations is definitely higher than we expected. Considering that many industry exhibitions all around the world have been cancelled or moved to a different date, we had some fears that the global economic situation might have a heavy impact also on our show. Instead, if we take a look at the exhibitors who have already confirmed their presence, the signals of short-term rally seem to get stronger and stronger."


Seven months before the start of Xylexpo, more than 200 applications have already been collected by the organizers, for a total exhibition area of approximately 20 thousand square meters. Many international companies have decided, before their Italian competitors, to confirm their trust in this big international review. Among these, a key role is played by German companies and groups, including leading organizations such as Homag Group, Ima, Weinig Group, Buerkle, Leuco, Wemhoener, Dieffenbacher and Kuper, to mention only a few.

There are also many Italians, of course. Companies like Coral, Giben Group, Spanevello, Mz Project, Comec Group, Essepigi, Ormamacchine, Termolegno, Tvm termoventilmec, Angelo Cremona, Secal, Cml and many more are attending Xylexpo. Among them, a lot of tool makers: Zuani, Aliprandi, Fapil, Metal World, Freud Pozzo...


"This result is encouraging - added Zanibon - and it means that we have to push on the accelerator of all the initiatives we have planned: from the growing role of supplies and semifinished materials to the big forestry event, from the debut of the High Tech Arena - a place to meet and discuss - to an intensive promotion campaign to guarantee the massive participation of industry operators, entrepreneurs and buyers".