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Higher outputs and decreased operational costs are demands that are prevalent in the wood-based products industry. Innovative lines are in high demand. Generally, the lubricant used plays an important role because it contributes to making new technical solutions possible and optimizes line operation. A close cooperation between press and lubricant manufacturers in the development of compatible systems pays off for the line operators especially in view of the operational reliability and productivity increases. Two results of this cooperation were introduced to the market by Siempelkamp, the world market leader for presses producing wood-based products, and Klüber Lubrication, the world market leader for special lubricants. These innovations are SicoLube Speedoil KL 260, a special lubricating oil for the optimal operation of the high-speed ContiRoll® press and SicoLube Chaincarpet Oil KL 240, a temperature resistant lubricating oil for the smooth operation of the chain carpets in Küsters and METSO made ContiPress® lines (now owned by Siempelkamp).  

Elevated temperatures on press components resulting from high speeds pose increased stresses on lubricants in modern presses. Additionally, press operators are requesting a reduced power and oil consumption during ongoing operation. Next to line-specific technical tasks, both high-performing lubricating oils also meet these market demands.

Siempelkamp ContiRoll® lines with speeds of more than 1500 mm/second can only be operated with synthetic high-temperature lubricating oil in order to counteract friction and wear in a controlled manner. SicoLube Speedoil KL 260 is based on select synthetic base oils and innovative additives. The markedly excellent creeping capability and adhesive strength of the oil makes for a high degree of efficiency with its low friction coefficient and therewith, a reduced energy demand. Low evaporation losses reduce oil consumption. 

SicoLube Chaincarpet Oil KL 240 accommodates the specific needs of the chain carpet in ContiPress ® press systems. With a low friction coefficient this special oil also provides for low energy consumption and minimum residue formation. An additional cleaning effect reduces the amount of maintenance. 

“These state-of-the-art lubricating oils are the result of our intensive cooperation of many years,” explains Lothar Sebastian, chief designer at Siempelkamp. “This cooperation stretches over the entire life cycle of the lines, from the development department in both companies where our designers and the chemists from Klüber examine the lubricant together, to the experiences of our customers.”

“With our sophisticated solutions we can considerably contribute to the operational reliability of the presses,” adds Dr. Dirk Loderer, Member of the Management Board for Technology, Klüber Lubrication. “Furthermore, these high-performance lubricants offer operators the potential to save operating costs in a substantial amount and increase their productivity.”