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From June 19 to 21 customers from all over the world were visiting with Siempelkamp: On the occasion of the 125th company anniversary approx. 350 customers from 30 countries came to the Rhineland to join in the celebration. For Siempelkamp the festivities were not only a welcome opportunity to celebrate the past but also to lay the foundation for sustainable and close future business relationships. 


On the occasion of the anniversary celebration customers and partners of all three business units came together. The machinery and plants, foundry and nuclear technology business units presented their sophisticated and integrative range of services. “For the first time we had the opportunity to demonstrate that Siempelkamp is more than the sum of its units. Longtime customers of each business unit were able to experience the entire spectrum of our long-established company which has been operating successfully in the global markets and set one milestone after another in areas ranging from the wood-based products industry to the nuclear technology industry,” emphasizes Dr.-Ing. Hans W. Fechner, managing director of G. Siempelkamp GmbH & Co. KG, Krefeld.


From three different adventure tours through the Rhenish region to a gala event, Siempelkamp offered a colorful and exciting program. One of the highlights was the Siempelkamp-City, a breathtaking time travel through the history of the company. Boring timetables were ignored. Instead, vivid and exciting impressions were provided: An alt beer pub from the 19th century took visitors to Siempelkamp’s time of origin. An American bar from the 1920s provided cosmopolitan flair and an ice cream parlor from the Fifties served, appropriate to the industry, a so called pipe-forming split instead of a banana-split.


The historical settings finally ended in the present time: “It’s Siempelkamp 2008” demonstrated with five exhibition areas which industries utilize Siempelkamp technology. Construction and living related industries, the power and nuclear technology industry as well as the automobile and aircraft industries rely on Siempelkamp technology. “Siempelkamp-City” revealed secrets such as why a milk carton turns hot and cold with Siempelkamp products: Siempelkamp presses produce heat exchanger plates used in the ultra-heating process of milk!


Partnerlike cooperation

The celebration gave Siempelkamp the chance to revive the partnerlike cooperation with its business partners. “Direct contact with our customers, of which some of them have been dedicated to us for many years, is very important to us and the success of the company. The congratulations from all over the world and the contacts made during this event are a great joy and reassurance for us,” says Fechner.


All visitors enjoyed the gala dinner including an acrobatics show and the dance party on the Rhine River. The final event on June 21st was a tour of the Krefeld factory: After a tour of the machinery and plants factory, the visitors toured the foundry and the nuclear technology facility. The three companies presented the full range of products of the Siempelkamp Group in its entire cohesion.


125 years of Siempelkamp were duly celebrated. Now our business activities will have to proceed. Hans W. Fechner points out: “With more than 2,400 employees, an unparalleled investment program for our Krefeld location, as well as our top positions in all relevant markets our future is based on a solid foundation