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With more than 14 years of experience in abrasives, and as NORTON and CARBORUNDUM representatives, we specialize in the processing of sanding rolls into bands of various sizes, with paper or fabric backings. We have achieved a strong penetration in the woodworking market either through our dealer chain or on a direct basis, depending on the volume and the needs of our customers.

Other products that expand our line include polishing products, staples and nails for pneumatic machines as well as vinylic adhesives for blockboard manufacturing, cold or hot pressed, and for more conventional uses.

Our company is also committed to the exclusive attention of its customers, thus forming a strategic alliance where dynamics and interaction make up a bond that contributes the best cost benefit ratio and reconciles your needs with our possibilities.

From the western area of the conurbation, and as the only official and exclusive agents in Buenos Aires, we deliver our products and help our customers in a fast and organized way, reaching all the corners of the country with the best possible efficiency.

We rely on our own sales assistants, who have been trained to solve all your problems, from sanding to surface preparation for primer application and finishes in both solid and veneered wood, polishings, gluings, painting systems for both large and small projects as well as the widest variety of bands for any type of industry (metallurgic, shoes, glass, etc) and solid abrasives in any of their formats.

We have products for home and building site sanding and other, more specific products for automotive repainting, having permanent stock for a rapid solution.

Norton (a company of the Saint Gobain Group ), and worldwide leader in the abrasive sector, develops the most complete product line which, through a strict quality control process, achieves the ISO standard certification for all its products.

In this permanent improvement process, in Norlack we perform the gluing of our bands with strict manufacturing controls, meeting the requirements of both the domestic and international markets.

Our assistance and the advice and recommendation given in terms of product uses and applications make the difference in our service. This is the reason why Norlack customers feel supported and and know they have part of their problems resolved, so that time and efforts are minimized in order to achieve solutions and, therefore, benefits.

We are a young, committed and accesible company, oriented to satisfy your requirements. Contact us and we will be pleased to respond to your requests.