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ProfiCura Dim is a laser sensor from LIMAB with outstanding performance regarding accuracy and scanning speed. The sensor measures and analyses the shape and profile of boards, both for longitudinal and transversal saw line processes.

One advantage with our sensor is the capability to scan the complete width and shape of the board, eliminating possible errors from vibrations and other movements caused by the conveyor. All calculations are done directly in in the sensor and there is no need for an external PC or control unit.

ProfiCura Dim

ProfiCura Dim is a smart 2D sensor for the following applications in longitudinal and transversal saw line processes.

  • Cup: for cup turning with 0,2 mm accuracy
  • Width: for accurate sorting based on the board width
  • Wane: for turning or reject based on the wane geometry.

The sensor can easily be retrofitted to existing lines and is configured with a LIMAB PC software. The ProfiCura Dim has different interface options, such as Ethernet, Profibus and Modbus, making it possible to directly communicate with you PLC. 


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