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Production amounted to 2,057 million euro, 10.4 percent more than 1,864 in 2015. Such percent variation is similar to 2015 versus 2014, when the variation was 11.7 percent; so, two years of double-digit growth.

The figures provided by the Italian statistics institute Istat allow to draw a final balance of import and export: in 2016, sales abroad amounted to 1,495 million euro, 5.8 percent more than in 2015, when export had grown much stronger by 12.7 percent versus 2014.
End-of-year figures indicate that last year was largely positive, most and foremost for the domestic market which – driven by fiscal incentives and public support to the industry and, in general, to consumption – reached 562 million euro, 24.8 percent more than total sales in the previous twelve months.

The market situation is much more favorable,
commented Dario Corbetta, Acimall director, and finally, it is not supported only by our strong export propensity, but also by an expansion of domestic demand and higher propensity to invest in instrumental goods. Such trend is confirmed by import, achieving 181 million euro, 19,4 percent more than in 2015.

2017 Forecast
The Italian market is lively and it is expected to get an additional boost from the “Industria 4.0” plan launched by the government. In this respect, the Studies office of the Confindustria member association indicates specific figures for 2017: the Italian market might grow by another 20 percent, passing the 700 million euro threshold. Also production is expanding, with an expected value of 2.2 billion euro (plus 10 percent compared to 2016) and 1.6 million export (plus 6 percent).