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The times of adhesive tape, cutter knife and not fitting standard cardboard boxes are over. Boxes can be tailor-made and simultaneously closed automatically – as of now, also in case of smallest lot sizes and this in no time. Because cost-conscious enterprises focus more and more on the packaging process during the race for efficiency and cost reduction. 
At the Xylexpo 2014 exhibition, the LIGMATECH company presents its innovative packaging combination comprising the cardboard-box cutting machine VKS 200 powerTouch and the automatic cardboard side sealer 
VKV 020.
High flexibility on little floor space required
The flexible packaging system is offered in three solution variants. So the customers can simply select from them the individual concept meeting their specific requirements, namely depending on the dimensions of the product and the performance required. 
The advantages: Even in case of smallest lot sizes, it is possible to produce perfectly fitting boxes in top quality in no time thanks to this combination. And this in a very simple and easy way without any resetting. Furthermore, the stationary working principle ensures short paths and an ergonomic package handling – and all this with only a minimum floor space required. 
Save money thanks to the side sealing technology
The investment in the automatic cardboard side sealer VKV 020 repays itself because it makes a perfect team with the cardboard-box cutting machine VKS 200 powerTouch. Owing to the holt-melt method, adhesive tape is no longer used. This results in a reduction of up to 85 % of the material cost as compared with the previous technology.
Thanks to the utilization of packaging designs that are laterally sealed, it is possible to save up to 40 % of cardboard material depending on the dimensions of the goods to be packed. Moreover, the cardboard box distinguishes itself by an enormous sturdiness and stiffness. Consequently, products get an optimum protection during their transportation. Another advantage: the high-grade optical appearance of the cardboard box with a lot of space for advertising.