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It has been 40 years since Mr. Lazkano and Mr. Letamendia started to produceautomation equipment for the wood processing industry until today, when we are an industrial group of more than 200 people. 40 years of history, of moving forward, of evolution, of progress.

Biele Group is consolidated in the international market as a leader in the design and manufacture of fully automated process lines, which include industrial presses manufactured by the group itself.

In this way, we offer integrated technological solutions to all kinds of industrial sectors.

The best companies throughout the world in sectors as diverse as Wood, Metal, Automotive, and Rubber, among others, have put their trust in us and continue to support the unique projects and global solutions of Biele Group.

For this, we continue researching. Innovating. Seeking the answer that best suits the needs of our customers. And always with the guarantee that only a specialist can offer.

The Biele Wood division is specialized in the design and manufacture of automation solutions for industrial wood processes. From the initial manufacturing process for panels and boards and their subsequent processing or coating, to the final manufacturing stage of doors, parquet or furniture.

A true leaderBiele.