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The first board is set to roll off the production line in early September 2013, with the hand-over of the plant due to occur in December 2013. Dieffenbacher supplying is the entire plant from wood preparation to raw board handling including a CPS 295-26.41 continuous press.

Dieffenbacher has seen a growing interest in its particle board plants from Chinese board manufacturers during 2012 and is marking out a strong position in the Chinese market with this new order: This is the seventh particle board plant to be supplied into the Peoples Republic of China by Dieffenbacher. The Guadong province in Southern China is also home to two Dieffenbacher supplied particle board plants ordered in 2011, are currently being installed for Wulian PB and Huazhou Shixing PB.

Hong Wei and the other particleboard manufacturers were impressed with the technical features of the Dieffenbacher CPS press, which is able to produce particleboards that combine the lowest thickness tolerance with perfect surface characteristics. A further advantage noted by Hong Wei was the ease of access for maintenance and cleaning work, and the plants low maintenance requirements.

Dieffenbachers Chinese subsidiary, SWPM, also achieved success in May this year, signing a contract for a 4-ft. MDF plant with Guangxi Fenglin Wood-Based Panel Co., Ltd, based in the Guangxi province of Southern China. Designed to deliver a daily output of 618 m³, the centerpiece of the MDF plant is a ContiPlus 4 x 48.8 m press that produces board with a thickness of 6 to 30 mm. In addition to the ContiPlus Dieffenbacher is also supplying the rotary dryer, sifter, gluing system, forming station, raw board handling and raw board storage equipment. The plant is due to be delivered in March 2013.

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