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The furniture industry that matters is meeting up again this year at Pordenone. The date is set for this October from Wednesday 17th to Saturday 20th for the fourth edition of SICAM, the International Exhibition of Components, Semi-finished Products and Accessories for the Furniture Industry. The visitors at last years edition were over 17,500 rigorously-selected professional operators from 89 different countries and five continents. We are expecting the same number again this October, despite the fact that the most significant trend indicators recorded on the global markets show dark skies more or less everywhere. Nothing new here.
The sectors most representative international enterprises have already confirmed their presence at Pordenone again this year, and the list of exhibitors is bolstered once more with new and important names. We believe it significant to reveal that the international level of the event is very high again this year, we are told by the SICAM coordinator, Carlo Giobbi. While, on the one hand, the economic crisis is gnawing at the furniture industry and the component and accessory sector in various countries, it has also changed the markets historic balances, with even famous names falling victim and leading to mergers of brands and companies. On the other hand, the fact remains clear that, even in this context, SICAM has confirmed its international leadership among trade fair events that are actually efficient for enterprises.
With the numbers that it continues to present today and has consolidated more and more over the years, SICAM is the perfect platform for setting up trade relations with leading companies at global level in the furniture industry, and for launching new trends and new ideas: in one concept, to stimulate the market. It is an event where marketing strategies and direct trading action go hand in hand, the SICAM organizers reveal. This is thanks to a format that cannot be reproduced elsewhere and which is the true added value which our event ensures to all the participants, whether they be exhibitors or visitors. It is no coincidence that thousands of professionals come to the trade fair every year with the same expectations and the same objectives with which they visit the most important events at the leading global trade fair arenas. If they return, as has been the case ever since the first edition, it is because at SICAM they find the answers they are looking for, because they meet the most interesting people and because they basically do business.
The fourth edition of SICAM will open on October 17th, and it will be open for all of the following days from 9:30 am to 6:30 pm. On the final day, Saturday October 20th, the pavilions will close at 5:00 pm. Information on the event and the participating exhibitors (with data being constantly updated) is available at