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Global market leader Wintersteiger presented one highlight after another at this years Thin-Cutting Days at the companys headquarters. In addition to new and established products in the thin-cutting frame saw and band saw sector, there was also a presentation of two bandsaw blades with patents pending. With so much commitment on the part of engineering, no wonder that a large number of visitors found their way to Ried in Innkreis despite ice and snow.

High numbers of visitors despite snow-covered roads: This year around 150 customers from all over the world braved arctic road conditions to visit the Wintersteiger Thin-Cutting Days in Ried. From 9 to 15 December interested parties could find out about new and established products in the thin-cutting frame saw and thin-cutting band saw sector at the premises of the international market leader. Franz Haas, Head of the WOODTECH Division was very satisfied with this years in-house exhibition, Wintersteiger stands for thin-cutting solutions from a single source. Our customers were able to see the quality of these process solutions in the qualitative thin-cutting sector for themselves at the in-house exhibition. The entire product range emphasizes Wintersteigers philosophy of being able to offer the customer an optimum combination of machine, tool and service.

That certain extra: customer-specific machines
When it came to products, attention was focused on the DSG Notum in the case of thin-cutting frame saws - this new entry-level product in the thin-cutting frame saw sector attracted a particularly high number of customers. There was also strong interest in the two special DSB Twinhead thin-cutting band saws which were presented at the in-house exhibition. One of the two machines that are designed for different areas of application is manufactured for an Italian producer of top quality multilayer parquet. The DSB Twinhead can cut all hardwoods and tropical woods in both wet and dry cutting. This 4-module band saw is additionally equipped with the option of countersinking three modules in the feed table. This new flexibility means that it is possible to cut with any number of modules - without costly and time-consuming conversion.

Pencil producer Faber-Castell relies on Wintersteiger
The second DSB Twinhead system is a 4-module band saw in the high-speed range for the production of pencil slats for the worlds largest producer of pencils - Faber-Castell. The customer will save valuable raw materials thanks to the new system by Wintersteiger that has a feed rate of up to 40 metres a minute.
This machine is additionally fitted with an integrated scraper saw module for removing frayed areas on the exit side of the saw. Further it is designed to run two blocks parallel that come directly from the customers own pine plantations.
The most significant benefit for the customer: Previously double-shaft gang rip saws were used to produce around seven million coloured pencils, lead pencils and cosmetic pencils per day. This required 23 truck loads of pine timber every day. With the new DSB Twinhead system by Wintersteiger, the timber requirement in the ultimate installation phase will be reduced by up to five truck loads of timber per day.