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 More than 1.000 on-site activities in 35 Nations; 701 projects including 505 customers; 29 million Euros turnover; emerging markets in Australia, New Zealand and Russia; Most requested solutions concern yield optimization for the saw-infeed and recovery maximization in green- and dry sorting as well as further manufacturing; strong demand also for the LOGEYE-family and CT.LOG.

There is no time for celebrating the 30th anniversary of MiCROTEC, according to the project management, and it is more important to follow up on customers. The project management co-ordinates 25 staff members in production and logistics and contemporaneously fine-tunes the procedures between the departments.

Just in time to be up to the rising challenges, MiCROTEC implemented its new “Advanced Project-Management-System”. Since the foundation in 1980 MiCROTEC’s goals were well-defined: timely delivery and installation, premium quality products and innovative solutions.

“Innovation through passion is the slogan which describes us best”, explains Federico Giudiceandrea. “In 1982 we already introduced the worldwide first bi-dimensional infrared scanner for log measurement. Only three years later we  introduced the first laser scanner light-shadow processing and shortly after the laser scatter analysis. In 1995 we introduced the x-ray technology in our Goldeneye scanners so that we can now state to have a multi-sensor approach for 15 years now.”

Up to date we built and installed over 2000 scanners, with strongly rising trends. Maximizing the yield is technically nothing groundbreaking – theoretically. The real picture is a bit more complex just as different the various production lines and approaches. Today, often the customer has to decide either to adapts himself to the scanner or to enter compromises. Exactly here MiCROTEC reveals his potential.

“Yes we scan – this is our motto” explains the sales manager Armin von Grebmer. “Our sale is technically oriented  because we do not only record customer requests but we offer technical and valuable support for sustainable solutions in the long term. Our core competence is technology and that’s what we deliver”, says von Grebmer. “The capital investments in the wood working industry are quite consistent. If the customer cannot rely on future-oriented solutions, he permanently has to adjust and upgrade its production line. Costumers, which for instance already have chosen our solution for determining MOE/MOR some years ago, are looking confidently ahead as the products sorted by ViSCAN correspond to the strictest and most updated regulations - worldwide.”  

Microtec meets the most different customer requirements, either regarding optimization either regarding integration in existing designs, with standard measuring modules. The modular concept has two significant advantages: first of all, the customer receives the appropriate solution which can be upgraded any time without hassle; secondly spare parts can be granted over the entire life cycle of the products.

MICROTEC invests over than 10 % of the annual turnover in its own research and development department. In 2010 it were over 3 Million Euros. With these resources MiCROTEC finances innovative projects such as the development of the computer tomography for logs, the CT-LOG, and on the other hand the existing technology park is further developed based on the principles: more accurate, more robust and faster.

The worldwide increasing request, mainly in the field of Multi-Sensor quality scanners confirms this vision. Demand in Australia and New Zealand is booming, North America is growingly interested and Russia has already become a relevant market. To the question whether there is further potential in the field of optimization, Giudiceandrea replies:

“Well,  the future lays in increasing of added value. It’s not only the premise to determine the different qualities of a boards, instead it is important to determine and maximized the value of lumber in the production chain. In this field MiCROTEC has done pioneer work and today we can rightly claim to have the edge.”