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Cleereman Industries ( recently unveiled a new logo that signifies the recent changes within the organization. Kevin Corder, Manager of Sales & Marketing explains, Cleereman has been a respected supplier to the sawmill industry for over 60 years. We felt that it was time to update our logo to better communicate that while Cleereman Industries is progressive and forward thinking, the company is still grounded in the roots of the original family founders.

Cleeremans machinery business was started in 1949 by Francis Cleereman Sr., as an offshoot of the family sawmill that had been running since 1912. He designed a carriage that eliminated the need for a man to sit on the carriage and a man to turn the log, allowing the sawyer to do it all using electricity and compressed air, putting it to use in his own mill, and then selling it to others who heard about it. His new machinery business became a great success, and the original sawmill business was phased out in 1969.

The company was passed on to Francis Jr. and John Cleereman, and John retired from the business in 2008. It was then that Francis Jr. took majority control along with his son-in-law, Tom Goris. Concurrently, long time employee Jeff Krueger became a shareholder, as well as Rod Chitko, whose company, Precision Fabricating LLC, was purchased at the same time by Cleereman. Precision was co-owned by McDonough Mfg., who also received some Cleereman shares in the exchange. Fran Cleereman is President and CEO, Krueger is now Vice President of the Carriage Division, and Chitko is Vice President of the Material Handling Division.

Along with the new Cleereman, came new ideas, new products, expanded focus, broader markets, and the desire to move to a logo that better represented the company. The design was created by Warren Miller, of Warren Miller Art. The dark green brackets signify the strength and support of the organization, and the sharp points are styled from the design of the log dogs on Cleereman carriages. The font in the Cleereman name is proprietary, and has been modernized to signify the willingness and ability to innovate and make positive change. The drop shadows on the lettering were held over from the previous logo, symbolizing Cleeremans heritage and commitment to the ethics and principles on which the company was established.

About Cleereman Industries

Cleereman Industries is a world leader in sawmill equipment manufacturing. Designing and building sawmill carriages and other sawmill equipment since 1949, Cleereman has recently added bandmills and a full range of material handling equipment to their product line. With a longstanding reputation of building the best, Cleereman continues to carry on its traditions of supplying quality, high production, high yield sawmill machinery that incorporate simple, functional designs.