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The name of Berndorf Band is synonymous with decades of experience in the production of high quality process belts. Apart from supplying top quality steel belts, Berndorf Band has an international service network offering steel belt installation, repair and inspection, all under the technical direction of its service centre in Berndorf. Comprehensive technical customer service, development of special tools and a wide range of training courses for our customers’ maintenance personnel all ensure that you receive the very best support. We are continually developing new service equipment and adapting existing equipment to changing market requirements. This enables us to respond to the continually rising quality requirements of the panel manufacturing industry and to keep any unavoidable downtime to an absolute minimum.
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* STEEL BELTS (Fabricante)

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Leobersdorfer Strasse 26 - Berndorf - A-2560 - - Austria
Tel: [43]2672-800-0 - Fax: [43] 2672-84176